French is not the only wine language
An international experience

Terroir, French château, French wine… fine! But what if you are not a native French speaker? 
With both a French and a German engineering degree and over 100 consulting missions in Europe, Asia, the USA…and even 4 in Oceania, Loïc Perrin does not consider France as the center of the world. Moreover, he is very sensitive to cultural differences : they may be far more disconcerting than language barriers.

To guide you through the winegrower "jungle"

With the unique point of view as management consultant with specific wine business knowledge, Terroir Conseil & Performance will be beside you throughout the project of acquiring your own vineyard in France… and will make sure that the dream does not turn into a nightmare. It goes from establishing the proper forecasts, hiring the best candidates, identifying relevant partners, up to the sale of the first bottles.

Let’s get to know each other

Whether you are already in the wine production and distribution business, or you plan to enter this market… let’s meet to elaborate together the mission parameters that will be best suited to your needs.